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Gathering COVID-19 Safety Plan

The National Indigenous Kidney Transplantation Taskforce (NIKTT) has developed this COVID Safety Plan to help attendees remain safe and feel secure whilst here in Adelaide attending the Gathering.

Recommendations for all attendees

There are currently no restrictions on people entering South Australia from interstate. Within South Australia, you are no longer legally required to isolate if you test positive for COVID-19 or if you are a close contact, although this is strongly encouraged. Masks are not mandatory in most settings, apart from health care, aged care, and disability care facilities.

We recognise that as new cases are rising around Australia, the threat of COVID-19 transmission remains a concern. We have put together these recommendations for the Gathering based on the advice of SA Health alongside the expert opinions of the physicians on the Taskforce.

Due to the vulnerable population we are focusing this Gathering around – our transplant and dialysis community – we ask that attendees are particularly cautious and aware of maintaining good COVID-19 protocols. After more than two years of COVID-19, we understand that all attendees will be aware of best practices and cognisant of how to minimise their own exposure and those of their fellow attendees. We thank you for remaining vigilant and protecting those most at risk.

Masks & hand sanitiser

N95 masks and hand sanitiser will be provided to all attendees throughout both days of the Gathering.

  • We recommend wearing a mask at all times if you are worried about the transmission of COVID-19;

  • We ask all attendees to wear a mask indoors at the conference at all times (other than while eating or drinking);

  • We also ask that you wear a mask outdoors when you cannot socially distance;

  • We strongly recommend attendees wear a mask whilst traveling to Adelaide, including at all times when on an airplane or other public transport; and

  • We ask all attendees to regularly sanitise and wash their hands.

Physical distancing and venue precautions

While we acknowledge that physical distancing may not always be possible, we will endeavour to ensure there are distancing measures in place throughout the Gathering, as well as cleaning and sanitising procedures carried out regularly. We ask that attendees:

  • Adhere to physical distancing guidelines wherever possible, both while in person at the Gathering and when out-and-about in Adelaide outside of meeting times;

  • Are aware that if anyone is especially concerned about distancing, we will ensure there are separate spaces made for anyone not wanting to sit next to others; and

  • Are aware that we will adhere to all COVID protocols as endorsed by both Tandanya and SAHMRI as our meeting and dining venues, and we will clean and sanitise the meeting room each day.


We will provide four (4) rapid antigen tests (RATs) to all attendees free of charge in your Gathering Welcome Pack. We ask that:

  • All attendees perform a RAT before travelling to Adelaide, each day whilst in Adelaide, and if he or she begins to experience any COVID-related symptoms;

  • If anyone tests positive on a RAT, we ask that you isolate yourself until you have spoken to a member of the NIKTT Gathering team (contact details below) and your treating physician and/or a SA Health representative.

What to do if you test positive

We understand that testing positive to COVID-19 may be a distressing prospect when you are travelling away from your home. We therefore hope that by providing these guidelines, you feel comfortable knowing that you will be cared for.

  • If you test positive on a RAT, please immediately inform the conference organiser, Katie Cundale on 0432 690 972. Please then contact the following people:

    • If you are a current transplant or dialysis patient, your care will be coordinated through the Renal Unit at the RAH.

    • If you are a carer for a transplant or dialysis patient, Carers SA encourages any carer to contact them for assistance on 1800 422 737, Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.

    • If you are a clinical or project-based member of the Taskforce, please refer to SA Health's website for any information as needed.

  • If you test positive, please refer to the SA Health Help and Advice webpage for related information and advice;

  • Visit the SA Health website for positive cases; and

  • For any questions, please consult the National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080.

Contact Details

  • Katie Cundale – 0432 690 972

  • Stephen McDonald – 0412 771 531

  • Kelli Owen – 0429 812 278

  • Jaqui Hughes – 0421 312 354

Further resources

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