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current activities 2024-2025

In early 2024, the NIKTT Secretariat received an additional one-year funding to bridge the period between the first objectives of the Taskforce and ongoing funding. During this year, we aim to:


Support existing and new Indigenous Reference Groups

Objective: To establish and support Indigenous Reference Groups in key transplantation units.

Outcomes: (1) Establishment of new Indigenous Reference Groups in identified regions; (2) Growth and support of exisiting Indigneous Reference Groups.

Thursday Island PA IRG inaugural meeting.jpg


Develop a national
Data Dashboard

Objective: To develop a comprehensive data dashboard to monitor equity in kidney transplantation and track achievements in closing the disparity gap in transplantation access and outcomes.

Outcome: An operational data dashboard that provides metrics and reporting features for both Community and Clinical stakeholders to assess equity at local, regional, and national levels.

stephen-mac (1).jpg


Host the second Transplantation Equity Gathering

Objective: To host an annual Gathering to progress transplantation equity, to discuss achievements and challenges, to identify shared priorities, and to strengthen network of consumers, carers, clinicians, and advocates. 

Outcome: Maintained network and transplantation equity movement through strong connections and shared strategies.



Develop a National Indigenous Kidney Network plan

Objective: To develop a proposal, based on extensive Community consultation, for a national body that represents the priorities, interests, and cultural safety of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities and kidney health.

Outcome: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living with kidney disease and transplantation inform a detailed plan for a body that represents the promotion of kidney health for all Communities. 

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