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Objectives of the NIKTT

The NIKTT is responsible for implementing and evaluating the following key objectives:

  • Establish the National Indigenous Kidney Transplantation Taskforce (NIKTT),

  • Enhance data collection and reporting,

  • Pilot initiatives to improve patient equity and access, and

  • Evaluate cultural bias interventions.



Enhancing data collection and reporting

The NIKTT commissioned the ANZDATA registry to deliver a pilot project involving tertiary renal health services. This is an important first step in establishing a consistent framework for collecting and reporting data on access to transplantation, which will significantly improve our understanding of the inequities that affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients throughout the pre-transplant journey.


Piloting initiatives to improve equity and access

In January 2020, the NIKTT awarded eight sponsorships totaling $1.04 million. These initiatives span across four jurisdictions and include: delivery of outreach kidney transplant education and assessment in rural and remote areas; establishment of transplant-focused patient mentor pilot projects and Indigenous reference groups; and strengthening the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce in kidney transplant settings.

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Evaluating cultural bias interventions


The NIKTT commissioned the Lowitja Institute and the University of Adelaide to complete a review of cultural bias interventions in kidney care. The report found that there was limited evidence within renal settings of evaluated cultural bias interventions. Based on the available published and grey literature, as well as community consultation, the Report identified 14 individual recommendations to address cultural bias.

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